Who are you? What makes you tick? What is the best version of you?
This are some of the basic questions that man graples with daily. Man is always looking for the best version of himself.
I have also asked myself this questions from time to time .
The have been instance that I have not liked the answer that i got back and on other occasions i could not have been prouder of myself.
Let me tell you who I am .
My name is kenneth , Iam a catholic by faith . A full time students .I want to chabge the world and make it better.  I love politics but hate the politicians. Ihave dreams that drive me forward everyday. I love chidlren especially the girl child. Inot overlyambtious tho I will be the first to admit that I love the untainable in life., I am always aiming for the sun . I believe in myself and what I know i can do.
That is me in short
Who are you??


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