My country is on a free fall .Corruption is rampant .Crime is on the rise .The levels of ethnicity are at a dangerous level. The economy is in shambles .I am a worried person for I fear that soon we may become a banana state. But where did it all go wrong? We all blame our politicians, but we are the very same people that voted them into power albeit after we were bribed by fifty shillings. For fifty shillings we choose to sell away our future and dreams. But really whom do we blame? I have no definite answer .Only a young man’s theory
I blame the Kenyan education system for what my country has become, for what we have become .Before you crucify me allow me to explain .When the 8-4-4 system was introduced in 1984 it was to develop persons wholistically but the implementation and teaching ways changed that. Getting a job (a well-paying job for that matter) marrying a beautiful wife /rich husband, taking your children to that expensive private school in the neighborhood then retiring to manage your business if you are lucky to have any .That is the Kenyan dream
We fail to see the beauty of someone being talented, not in math or language but in rugby, drama, football. We immediately label them as foolish and without cause predict their doom .We laugh at them and proclaim “this is a paper country you will not a job without them” and sadly that is the truth. Walk down and any street and tell someone I am a rugby player , more than likely the next question that they will ask you is where do you work ?? They expect you to have a white collar job .And that is what we have also come to expect of ourselves. We have thrown or hidden away our talent just for the hope of one day getting that swinging chair and dishing out commands
This system, right from nursery to university level is the same one that is breeding ethnicity. Every community is now clamoring for its own “national high school” its university. They say they want to be on the same level with that other community .They are helping expand the reach of education .My concern lies with what happen behind those expensive gates .Take the instance of university X in town X .Almost all the lecturer in that university are from the local ethnic community .When someone from another community is given a promotion it leads to an uproar and discontent which sometimes blows out into full scale riots. Same case for high schools more than half the population is always from the local areas .These students fail to get the much needed exposure from the outside communities. They live in their own cocoons not seeing the richness that others have to offer.
For a country to develop it must have an abundance of thinkers. People who can come up with ideas and contribute positively towards the future. When was the last time you heard of a Kenyan scholar being quoted .We predominantly quote the Americans and the western scholars and lately the Chinese .Our education system frowns upon anyone who goes against the norms .Someone who dares venture out of his shell. We are taught to follow what the textbook tells us .To do what the teachers tell us without asking any questions .Students are not allowed to think any more . This is what is holding this nation backwards, the lack of visionary people. The lack of people who dare to see the world ahead as it can and should be.Now days writing a thesis is not a hard thing. There are many enterprise who at a fee of will do that for you .Why sweat you brain out when you can pay for it ?? Then you sit back and wonder why the country is failing.
It is this same system that has done away with polytechnics and technical training colleges .The same education system that pegs the success of some on one exam. The same education system that has greatly commercialized university education .The very system that makes the students to be rigid. Then we say we want to compete with the world ?
To me it is the education system that has failed this nation. But what do I know? I have also gone through the very system.


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